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This is a call to action to the attention of the now global corporation Uber and it’s policies which do not protect the citizens of the world. There policies only protect there own interest in which it says it’s contracted driver partners which hold no business liability insurance are responsible for the actions between it’s customers. 

Any and all support and information as to show that Uber will be held up to our. Policies of protecting those who can’t protect there own best interest such as it’s women passengers who have been sexually assaulted and even raped behind the Uber badge and it’s contracted partners.  

Those interested in this know how to spread the stories and cause interruption to there platform by doing so at there full discretion of there abilities. As anonymous has always done so by means of activist, hacktivist and im in no way saying that they should or should not be subject to any form of online interruptions or denied of services etc. Your all responsible for the actions as Uber says they are as I am only a partner platform.  




Looking for contributors to post aswell as website designers etc.




🎥 Kryptonite by:3 Doors Down – YouTube

🎥 Kryptonite by:3 Doors Down – YouTube


Looking for contributors to post aswell as website designers etc